Academic Decathlon State Competition

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

North High finished in 3rd place at the Academic Decathlon State Competition held last weekend at Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Not only did we win the 3rd place trophy, but we won the head to head competition trophy called Super Quiz 24-19 over the State champion team Cedar Rapids Jefferson. We became the first team to beat Jefferson in the Super quiz in many years! In addition the team won 10 individual medals/awards. Individual medal/award winners were:
Cody McKeehan Gold Medal Honors Division Social Studies
Silver Medal Honors Division Economics
Bronze Medal Honors Division Essay
Leah Waughtal Bronze Medal Scholastic Division Interview
Charles Overton Bronze Medal Varsity Division Social Studies
Julius Tembe Gold Medal Scholastic Division Economics
Gold Medal Scholastic Division Social Studies
Bronze Medal Scholastic Division Lang/Lit
Bronze Medal Scholastic Division Music
2nd Place Trophy Scholastic Division Overall High Score
Sasha Klevakova 3rd Place Certificate Alternate Division Social Studies
The other team members who contributed to the success of this award winning team are:
Brian Schulze, Mariama Corneh,Zach Hall,Clark Reimers,Jake Sanderman
All members of the team participated in the Super Quiz head to head competition and contributed in North winning the Super Quiz trophy.
In addition to the awards mentioned above North won the right for the second year in a row to represent Iowa in April in the Academic Decathlon Online National Competition as the medium size school (under 1300 students) representative.
We are so proud of this Team! Archie Cook/Mark Schmidt