North Student: Ayden Thompson Helps Family Survive a Roll-over Crash

Monday, January 29th, 2018

This channel 13 WHO-TV story is about our very own Polar Bear hero student: Ayden Thompson!  Click HERE to listen to the news story.

DES MOINES, Iowa–  A Des Moines family amazingly escaped this rollover crash Wednesday without injury, thanks in part to a bystander.

The family’s vehicle was slammed into by a speeding, stolen car.

The driver was able to make it safely on her own but, her children were stuck.

16-year-old Ayden Thompson’s stepped into help.

“I was just getting ready for bed and it sounded like an explosion like literally what you would hear from the movies and I looked, and I saw smoke and, ran over there as fast as I could,” Ayden Thompson said.

Police say the blue SUV was stolen Monday night.

The stolen SUV crashed into a truck that carried Ileisha Butts, her husband and two children Imari and Amari both under the age of three.

“They hit just the corner the back end of our truck and spun us and we flipped, I was in shock all I could think about was my kids, Ileisha Butts said.

Thompson had the same thought.

“Right when she was telling me there were babies in the car and get the kids out when I crawled in the side of the car when it was flipped I saw a little boy and I grabbed him and handed him to my mom,” Thompson said.

Thompson fought broken glass and smashed metal.

The teen hero pulled both babies out of the wreck without a scratch, the family is grateful no one was hurt.

“Thank you I mean just thinking about it I mean they were hanging upside down,” Butts said.

We spoke to the owner of the stolen blue SUV that was involved in the crash.

The woman says the car is totaled and that it was stolen Monday night.

Des Moines Police have no suspects or leads in the investigation.