Academic Decathlon State Competition

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Our Academic Decathlon team is on its way to the state competition!  Based on scores at regionals, we are currently ranked 5th in the state!  Our competition has two parts.  On Thursday, February 15th, the students will complete the essay portion.  Then on Friday, March 2, our team will travel to Fort Dodge, Iowa to complete the other portions of the competition.  We appreciate your encouragement and support.  – Mrs. Anna Brown, Academic Decathlon Coach  (Pictured left to right top row: Dillon Rover, Vera Snodgrass, Camille Gervais, Prithvi Jamadagni, bottom row: Pyo Aung, Rose Wallace-Smith, Emilio Coronel-Schackel, Parker Jarrett and Aline Marino-Moreno.)