Academic Decathlon State Competition

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Courage, passion, and relentlessness.  You will be pleased to know that this year’s North Academic Decathlon team demonstrated the Polar Bear Way throughout their weekend at the state competition.

It takes enormous courage to face tests in 10 academic areas and our students rose to the challenge!  Sophomore, Prithvi Jamadagni, displayed outstanding courage in the speech event.  His perfect 1,000 score earned him the opportunity to represent North by delivering his speech to students and coaches from across state at the AD banquet.  This was the first time that honor has been given to a North student!

Our team displayed a passion for learning as they met outside of school hours all throughout the year.  They did a fantastic job of studying difficult material related to the subject of Africa, recruiting new members, and encouraging each other with intelligent banter.  This year’s team showed incredible camaraderie and positive team spirit.  We were pleased to rank as the 6th place large school in the state.  Also, we (once again) outperformed all of the other DMPS schools!

Our students also demonstrated their relentlessness.  Several students – Chaundell Goodman, Parker Jarrett, and Nathan Routh – came in as replacements for us within the last month to help the team when other students had last minute conflicts.  Also, we earned 6 individual medals in specific subject areas for being the best in the state:  Prithvi Jamadagni – Honors Gold in speech, Rose Wallace-Smith – Scholastic Bronze in literature, science, and math, Pyo Aung – Scholastic Silver in interview, Delicia Oxenreider – Varsity Silver in interview, and Dillon Rover – Honors Bronze in art.  Camille Gervais was a true team captain who motivated other students and scored the highest overall for our team.

We can all be proud of the tremendous performance of our academic scholars!  Our team members included: Camille Gervais, Vera Snodgrass, Prithvi Jamadagni, Dillon Rover, Pyo Aung, Rose Wallace-Smith, Nathan Routh, Delicia Oxenreider, Parker Jarrett, and Chaundell Goodman.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Josh and Anna Brown, Academic Decathlon Coach