EF Educational Tours – Choose from 5 tours this year!

This year we’re launching 5 educational travel tours that will run throughout the year of 2021 including March, June and July/Early August. These are 5 unique tours throughout the world with different experiences and focuses. I have attached a recording of the presentation that was shown last night at the meeting. I strongly encourage you to watch it as it will give you insight into how these tours will work. You should be able to listen to the recording here: https://youtu.be/9yZ2eAXhliU.

I have also attached documents with information about each trip above. These will give you some insight into pricing and dates for each individual trip. Please take a look through all of the information as it will answer any questions you might have about the trip.

Here are a few important details:

  • There are 15 guaranteed spots for each tour. In order to guarantee you get to travel on your top choice tour you must be one of the first 15 to enroll. We have 200 people who have expressed interest in attending a tour.
  • To secure the monthly payment listed on the website you must enroll by midnight, November 30th– after that the monthly price will increase slight with the new month (this will not affect the total price, just the monthly breakdown).
  • If you enroll by December 6th at midnight you will automatically receive $200 off the tour price – you should see this listed on the enrollment page in the price breakdown.
  • If you’re one of the first 25 people to enroll on any trip you will receive an additional $100 scholarship, totaling $300 off the tour price.
  • If you have traveled with EF in the past you will qualify for an additional $100 off.

How to enroll:
Simply click HERE for more tour information.

  • Thailand – www.eftours.com/2332296DM
  • London, Paris, Barcelona – www.eftours.com/2332313SX
  • Paris Language Immersion – www.eftours.com/2325410DH
  • Dominican Republic – www.eftours.com/2332303TT
  • Panama – www.eftours.com/2332299FS

If you have any questions please email our EF Educational Tour sponsor and Spanish Teacher: Silmary Echevarria Crespo at silmary.echevarriacrespo@dmschools.org.

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