Enrollment at Central Campus is Open Now

Enrollment at Central Campus is open!

Discover Central Campus and discover your future. Nine advance career academies with three dozen specialized programs offer multiple pathways to college and career readiness. Explore international learning experiences and earn nationally recognized advanced career certificates before high school graduation. At Central Campus, you are the best of the best and we’re dedicated to making your best even better.

Central Campus serves as the Premier Regional Academy within the Des Moines Public Schools. Over two thousand students from dozens of Iowa High Schools experience our Advance Career Training Programs. With academic planning and support in high school, students have the opportunity to earn community college credit and two-year associate degree at no extra cost.

Located at the heart of the city, Central Campus offers hands-on, real-world work-based educational programs to a highly diverse community and surrounding areas. One of our greatest strengths is the friendships and networking of students from diverse backgrounds and communities. Des Moines Public Schools dedicates itself to excelling at unique and technologically advanced opportunities for all learners. Central Campus commits itself to providing equal access and prospects through rigorous academic and career training experiences for all.

Click here to learn more about the options available to high school students.

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