Iowa State Science Fair

Please congratulate the following students who have been working on their research and experiments since September. They participated in the North Science Fair in December, the District Science Fair in February, and finally earned their way to the State Science Fair of Iowa today in Ames: Carlos Merlos-Rojas (9th) Angel Marquez-Perez (9th), Abby Espinosa (12th), Rosy Banda-Rivera (9th), Nayely Velazquez (9th), and Daisy Hernandez (9th).
If you see Abby in the hallways congratulate her for participating in the State Fair for 5 years! That is a tremendous achievement. I only saw a few hands go up out of hundreds of students for those who have participated for 5 years.
Finally, please give a huge shout-out and congratulations to Rosy Banda-Rivera!!! She is a freshman and earned Honorable Mention in the category of Chemistry & Physics and Astronomy!
Thank you to all the teachers who proof read their work and a special shout-out to the science teachers who answered many many questions and helped with materials for the students!

Jessica Lambert
Algebra 2 Teacher / Power Algebra
Science Bound North High Lead Instructor Science Bound District Coordinator

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