Senior Page

Cap and gown deadline was May 1st.  If you still need a cap and gown, please email

Graduation 2021:

  • Seniors’ Last Day:  Thursday * May 27
  • Rehearsal:  Friday * May 28 @ 10am North Auditorium
  • Seniors’ Lunch:  Friday * May 28 @ 12-1pm
  • Class Day 2021:  Friday * May 28 during Period 4

*Rehearsal and Class Day 2021 are requirements for graduation participation at Drake Knapp Center

  • Commencement:  2pm Knapp Center
    • Drake University * 2601 Forest Ave
    • Graduates report at 1:00pm
  • 4 guests per graduate
  • 4 tickets will be given to each graduate during rehearsal
  • Tickets must be presented for admittance into the ceremony
  • * NO EXCEPTIONS will be made, please do not lose your tickets!

Extra information:

We are following Drake University’s safety policy. Graduates can bring up to FOUR guests (children that can sit on a lap do not count). GUESTS MUST HAVE A TICKET TO ENTER THE KNAPP CENTER.

Tickets will be given to Seniors in the bag with their Cap and Gown when it is distributed during rehearsal.

What if my family is bigger?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but according to the Knapp Center guidance, four tickets per graduate is a firm number. We will be live streaming the event from Knapp. There will be a link sent out when we get closer to the date.

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes. Everyone inside the Knapp Center MUST wear a mask.

Can my guests bring in food?
Other than bottled water, there is NO outside for or drink in the Knapp Center.

Can we bring noisemakers, air horns or other items?
Those items are not allowed at the Knapp Center. We want to ensure that every student and family hear their name read. You are welcome to applaud and cheer.

When do I get my Cap and Gown?
Your Cap and Gown will be given to you at Graduation Rehearsal. This is so it does not get lost or damaged before Graduation. This is another reason you need to be at Rehearsal.

What if I lost my laptop of hotspot?
Your district laptop and/or hotspot were loaned to you and your family to ensure that you could participate virtually. It is you and your families’ responsibility to return that technology to DMPS at the end of the year. If it is lost or damaged, you must cover the cost. This can range from $75-$150 for a hotspot and $300-$600 for your computer.

Starting the week of the 24th of May, Seniors will be turning in devices, cords, and hotspots. You can turn in technology earlier if you have completed your coursework.

What if I am in an AP class?
Any AP student that needs to take a digital test will be able to keep their laptop until your tests are completed

When do I get my Senior Checkout Sheet?
Senior Checkout Sheets will be given to each Senior at the end of our last Senior Meeting on Monday, May 24th at 11:00. These will be explained at the meeting.

What if I am not passing a class that I need to graduate?
It is your responsibility to pass any class that you need to graduate. If you cannot complete it by May 26th you will need to take the class in Summer School. You will be able to graduate with other DMPS Seniors during Summer Graduation wearing your North Cap and Gown.

When is Summer Graduation?
North High School on Saturday, August 14th at 10 am.

Mrs. Jessie Masteller, Associate Principal