North Student Representing Iowa

Robert Nishimwe has been selected by the nominating committee to represent Iowa and receive the Billy Michal Student Leadership Award from The National WWII Museum. To accept this award, Robert will travel to New Orleans and attend the Student Leadership Luncheon.

The Billy Michal Student Leadership Award is given annually to one student from each state who demonstrates the American Spirit in his or her community. The values of leadership, teamwork, tolerance, creativity, and perseverance can and should be learned and lived by all Americans regardless of age. During World War II, when six-year-old Billy Michal from Zimmerman, Louisiana, helped his one-room school win a statewide scrap-metal collection contest, he understood that every citizen- no matter their age- could contribute to our victory in the war.

Congratulations to Robert for being honored as one of the top student leaders in his school, community, and state. Billy Michal’s example, and the actions of millions of other students on the Home Front during World War II, reminds us that service to country and community helps create active, engage citizens.

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